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Catching up….

January 12, 2011

Its been a fantastically busy late fall / early winter, the down side of which is that I am SO behind in posting sessions here…

So, here are a few peeks by way of a catch up…

I tend to have a really shot term seasonal memory. I always find it so hard to imagine warm weather when  we have snow on the ground, for example.

My body simply has no feeling for what it was like not to freeze outside without a jacket.So here’s a little reminder that yes, at one time you could sit on the grass. These times will come again, my friends (my hands.. my toes…;)

These two were such fun to photograph – high energy, which was good as it was chilly, despite the lack of Winter.  The famous KSP Pez was out in force for this session, a price I’m more than willing to pay for these beautiful smiles and play for the camera.

We shot at Maple Lawn Gardens in Ottawa – a wonderful place to explore with children all year round. Its stunning in the spring and summer with a riot of colour, but equally beautiful in the fall, with paths to run around, seeds to spot and birds to see.

Thanks so much L, F and O 🙂

Happy Winter to you all 🙂

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