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About Kate

I ‘found’ photography as a means of satisfying a lust for creativity that was being continually frustrated by an inability to actually make things that looked good…

After working on other peoples schedules as a teacher, and later a professor in Early Childhood Education, moving across the world with two small boys (and one medium sized husband) I took some time to figure out what I really wanted my contribution to children and families to be.

And then it hit home… there needed to be a contribution to me, too.

Holding my first DSLR camera felt like coming home. And so it began.

My passion = photography.

My contribution = helping you see yourselves in a new light and hold on to those amazing, and fleeting moments in your lives.

Life with small children is anything but boring, and its that vibrant journey that has shaped my approach to photographing your family. I hold each portrait session in the most relaxed way – laughing, crying, jumping, gazing, smooching, pouting and giggling are all part of you, and I can’t wait to capture that!

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